The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission oversees all aspects of decommissioning.

Because decommissioning is a multi-year process, the financial stability of lead companies is critical. Based on the company’s extensive experience, Holtec is confident that Indian Point’s decommissioning trust fund is sufficient to safely complete the process.

Holtec has a strong track record for creating innovative technology solutions and managing budgets for large and complex projects. 

Holtec is required to file detailed plans with the NRC — called a Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report and a Decommissioning Cost Estimate. These analyses contain detailed information and conclude how much Holtec’s respective plan would cost to safely decommission and decontaminate Indian Point and restore the site for future use.

The NRC oversees all aspects of decommissioning, and disbursements from the nuclear decommissioning trust fund are monitored to ensure regulatory compliance. Under NRC regulations, licensees must show adequate funding assurance for decommissioning. In the unlikely event that a funding shortfall is projected, Holtec would have to present to the NRC acceptable alternatives or additional funding assurance for decommissioning. New Yorkers would not have to pay.