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Successful public-private partnerships are rooted in the highest standards of business ethics and professional conduct.

Corporate governance is central to Holtec’s business operations and it is central to the company’s approach to their business and community relationships.

Holtec views their operational principles program to be one of the four essential pillars that support their continuing success — the other three are: occupational safety, quality of deliverables and environmental stewardship.

To succeed, mutual trust and confidence among Holtec, their employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers and the public is essential. Accordingly, the company believes that maintaining an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and conduct is crucial to their future. 

Holtec’s policy is to scrupulously abide by all U.S. Government laws and the laws of state, municipality and other jurisdictional authorities around the globe where the company transacts business.